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Tibbe keys are being used on the Ford

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Vans and we stock and cut them.

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A full service


company specializing in, but not limited to

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servicing. Take a look around our site and see the products and services that are available. If you don't see what you are looking for, check with us for a referral.

Old Capitol Lock Services

is licensed with the State of Oregon - License # CCB236548, and also an active member of The Associated


of America (ALOA)
since 1991. Check out the links page for the ALOA web site, an excellent resource for finding a

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With seventeen years of experience in the automotive after-market, Jim Parrie CRL established

Old Capitol Lock Services

in July of 1990. He has completed training and testing in domestic and foreign

automotive lock

servicing within the ALOA proficiency registration program, earning the CRL classification in 1993, and CAL Classification in 2009.
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Why an automotive locksmith?

Automobile dealerships can be a good place to take your vehicle for repairs and service. The mechanics are usually well trained and familiar with the vehicles that their dealership sells. Most of the dealerships that I contract with have a service department consisting of 12 to 15 technicians working with 4 to 5 service advisors. Among the technicians, some will excel at different vehicle systems, perhaps steering and suspension, while others may do their best work on drivetrains (engine and transmission), and yet others excel at electrical work. Most shops will have at least one master technician that is not only highly skilled at all the vehicle systems, but is also a master diagnostician. This tech is the go to person for all the others when push comes to shove and a problem cannot be resolved by following the manufacturers published procedures. He's the tech that has been to every training workshop that has been offered by the manufacturer, and tool and equipment suppliers as well. This combination of technicians and service advisors can provide great care and service for most all of the systems of your late model vehicle.

Even with all the knowledge and experience afforded by the dealership service department, there are some parts of your vehicle that are best serviced by a specialist. There are a few reasons for this. The working tolerances for the

keys and locks

of late model vehicles have become much more critical in the last 20 years than they have been in the past, due to redesigns mandated by the auto insurance industry. We are not the only ones who get pushed around by insurance companies, telling us what doctor we can see, how much time they can spend with us, and how long we can stay in the hospital. As it turns out, the auto insurance industry holds a lot of power over the automobile manufacturers, and are not above setting the prices to insure a particular vehicle high enough to to where most people will not purchase it if the insurers feel that the vehicle does not present enough deterrence to theft. This first happened with the Chevrolet Corvette in 1986, when General Motors engineers designed the VATS system specifically for that vehicle, and has been repeated many times since.

The end result, is that the engineers that design the locking systems for your vehicle are more concerned with the theft deterrence of the system than they are with reliability. In the 90's Toyota engineers introduced the

split tumbler

(wafer) system on the Camry when it was at the top of the "most stolen list". Recently Honda has come out with their own

split wafer

design, and incorporated a

side milled key

into the mix. If you own a 2002 or later Honda vehicle that has more than 30,000 miles on it, chances are you have experienced problems with your

keys and or locks

. These are just a few examples, and I don't mean to imply that GM,Toyota, and Honda are the only vehicles that have these issues, they are not. Pretty much all late model vehicles are touched by this problem, we just happen to see a lot of these cars.