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Tibbe keys are being used on the Ford

Transit Connect

Vans and we stock and cut them.

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We have a large selection of remotes in stock and can order just about anything.

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We not only stock and sell the items below, but, we can program them for you.

Automotive Key Services Proximity Key Fob

Proximity key fobs

- a radio frequency device like the

remote keyless entry fob

, but with the added benefit of taking the place of the key to start the car as well. The operation of this device is passive or automatic. You only need to be near the car for the doors to unlock.

Transponder Chip Key

Transponder key (chip key)

- a key with an embedded chip which is recognized by the vehicle security system. When the is inserted into the ignition, a circuit is turned on and looks for the chip. This chip is like a fingerprint. The computer in the car checks to see if this fingerprint is registered to this car.

Automotive Key Services Proximity Key Fob

Remote keyless entry fob (RKE) fob

- radio frequency operation devices which allow you to lock and unlock your car without the key. You still need the key to drive , the car.

Automotive Key Services Proximity Key Fob

Integrated Key transmitter

- this is a combination of the

keyless entry fob

and the transponder key built into one.

We have a great selection of

keys and remotes

for late model domestic and foreign vehicles.

We also have

replacement batteries

for fobs and keys.