# AR13779
In 1998, Toyota began equipping some of their more popular vehicles with a

transponder based imnmobilizer

system. The applicable vehicles are listed below.

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Ford 4th Generation PEPS . Ford and Lincoln are now using their fouth revision of pasive entry, passive start key fobs.

GM Flip blade PEPS GM flip and PEPS. The last few years, many GM vehicles have moved to the flip blade, side milled high security key with integrated remote keyless entry.

Toyota Vehicles equipped with Immobilizers

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1997 - 2011 Volkswagen Beetle New Volkswagen Locks (1997 - 2011)

The New Volkswagen Beetle is showing up everywhere you look these days. This vehicle is with a locking system we hope we will see more of. Click on the link above and see for yourself.

Transponder Chip Key


For New Ford Motor Company Vehicles, PATS II, and


will be the choice for those equipped with immobilizer systems. Click the link above to read more.

Chrysler Sentry Key
Another line of vehicles sporting immobilizer technology.