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In 1998, Toyota began equipping some of their more popular vehicles with a transponder based imnmobilizer system. The applicable vehicles are listed below.

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Toyota Immobilizer Reset

Lost the chip keys for your Toyota


Toyota Immobilizer image Relax, It's not as bad as it used to be. It is no longer necessary to replace the computer when replacing the keys for your

immobilizer equipped Toyota


We are now able to reset the key register on your

Toyota ECU

. We can provide new keys pre-programmed to your ECU, or simply

reset your ECU

(Registration Mode) so that it's ready to accept your provided keys. Whatever you prefer!

Send us your ECU and the

door lock from your Toyota

and we will return it to you reset and ready to install. You choose the shipping option you desire, anything from ground to overnight service to suit your timetable.

Toyota Immobilizer image This anti theft system is quite secure. The keys have an

embedded transponder chip

that must be recognized by the vehicle before it will start. The circuitry that controls this function an integral part of the onboard computer system of the vehicle. Until the system recognizes a pre registered key, the starting , fuel, and ignition systems of the vehicle are not functional.

Unlike some add on security systems, bypassing this immobilizer is not a matter of removing a component or splicing some wires to hot wire the vehicle. This is good news for the vehicle in terms of theft prevention, but can quickly become a nightmare for the owner that misplaces the keys to the vehicle.


additional keys

are needed for the car, the procedure is simple enough provided that the owner is in possession of a

working master key

for the vehicle. The mechanical cuts can be transferred to the new transponder key blank using a key duplicator just like it has been done for years. At this point, the new copy of the key will lock and unlock the doors, open the trunk, and even unlock the steering wheel and turn the interior accessories on, but it will not start the vehicle until its unique electronic code is recognized by the vehicle. This is accomplished by using one of the master keys already registered with the vehicle to initiate the programming mode. This can be done with any of the pre registered master keys, but cannot be done with a valet key.

The problem waiting to happen is the situation in which the owner of the vehicle does not have any

master keys for the vehicle

. While transponder technology is not a new thing in general, it is relatively new to the automotive industry. What used to be a quick stop at the hardware store for a couple of spare car keys for under $5.00 is a thing of the past. The

transponder keyblanks

are more expensive, and need to be

programmed to the vehicle

. When faced with a cost of $30.00 to $75.00 dollars and setting an appointment for a

duplicate key

, many owners will tend to delay or forgo the expense. This can come back to haunt them in a big way!

Previously when all keys to the vehicle were lost, the owner would bite the bullet and have a locksmith originate new keys for the car from scratch. This would cost considerably more than a duplicate key, and depending on the time of day (night) and location of the vehicle could cost anywhere from less than one hundred, to several hundred dollars.

If this happens with a

transponder equipped Toyota

, onboard computer must be replaced at a cost of more than $1,000.00! If you own a

immobilizer equipped Toyota

vehicle and have read this far, continue to the next paragraph for the best free advice you will get this week.

Have a

duplicate master key

made for your vehicle. Take the master key that was used to program the new key and set it aside. I recommend securing it in a safe deposit box, or someplace you would feel comfortable keeping a thousand dollars in cash. All things considered, that is what it is worth to you if you lose all other keys. It is important to set aside the key that was used to program the new

duplicate key

, as this assures that you will be able to

program additional keys

in the future. (less information)