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On-Site Mobile Repair

Car Lockout

Vehicle Fleet Services

Our state-of-the-art

mobile lock and key workshop

is based in the

Central Oregon Coast

. This great location allows us to service a wide area.

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Old Capitol Lock Services


We understand vehicle fleets!

We have a complete stock of

replacement locks and parts for your fleet

, and convenient

mobile service

at your site for all your vehicles. We service your

company cars


Class 8 trucks


Often times when we begin to

service a fleet

we see vehicles with mismatched locking systems. A door that is keyed different than the others, or perhaps an ignition keyed different than the doors. The vehicles were not delivered from the factory this way. How did this happen? Simple . . . A lock failed, and was replaced with an off the shelf item with its own unique set of keys. Why does this happen? In a word . . . Economics! When your

fleet vehicle

is down, you are losing money. Who can afford to let a fleet vehicle sit idle while sending out locks for recoding? The good news is . . . You don't have to!

We can work closely with your maintenance personnel, doing our magic on site while your crew is performing regularly scheduled service. We get in, get it done, and get out, all without getting in your way! We stock

replacement locks and parts

for everything from your

company cars to your class 8 trucks

. We would love to have your company as our client. References available on request.