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GM Flip blade PEPS GM flip and PEPS. The last few years, many GM vehicles have moved to the flip blade,

side milled high security key

with integrated

remote keyless entry


The key blade flips out the side of the fob when a button is depressed similar to a switchblde knife. The vehicle is locked and unlocked by buttons on the fob, and the key is inserted in the ignition lock to start and drive the vehicle.

GM Flip blade PEPS Some of the more expensive models, are using a PEPS (passive entry, passive start) version that looks identical, but functions much differently. All that is required to drive a PEPS equiped vehicle, is to have the fob in your pocket or purse. As you approach the car, the vehicle recognises a signal from the fob and unlocks the doors automatically. Once inside the car, you press a button on the dash to start the car and away you go. The only time the key would be needed would be in the case of a dead battery in the fob. In that case, you would use the key to unlock the one door lock on the drivers door, then hold the fob up to the pushbutton on the dash and start the car.

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