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Chrysler Sentry Key System

Beginning in 1998, certain Chrysler products began rolling off the assembly line with a new security system known as the

sentry key engine immobilizer

. A large number of them were vehicles destined for export to Europe. That has changed in 1999, and we are beginning to see many of these vehicles on the road right here in the United States including the Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep vehicles listed below. The easiest way to tell if your vehicle is equipped with the

sentry key system

is by the color of the bow of the key. The bow is the plastic portion of the key that you hold between your thumb and finger. Standard keys have a black colored bow, while the sentry key bow is gray in color. The

sentry key system

promises to be an effective deterrent to vehicle theft. It uses an

electronic transponder

embedded in the bow of the key to determine if a valid key is being used to start the vehicle or if an attempted theft is in progress. The general operating principals of this system are quite similar to the Ford PATS system detailed elsewhere on this site. It is more like the PATS II system, in that two pre

programmed keys

are needed in order to register additional keys into the system, and in the event of the loss of all keys, special programming equipment is needed to register new keys into the system.

This can be accomplished by having the vehicle towed to a Dealership or by contacting an

automotive locksmith

that is outfitted with the proper programming equipment. Old Capitol Lock Services can help you with this. We can also help you find a qualified

automotive locksmith

if you are not in our service area.

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